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About the BITEX.ONE

About the BITEX.ONE
The use of cryptocurrency is spreading fast among business communities around the world. One niche with great potential for cryptocurrency use is the market of traditional tradable assets of foreign currencies, shares, bonds, interest rates and minerals.
As soon as the right regulations on blockchain are put in place, traders will be able to use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to trade assets. The doors will be wide open for institutional investors, international manufacturers and merchants to start using cryptocurrencies for transactions. Paying for delivered products with cryptocurrencies will greatly reduce transaction expenses since the system is fast, secure and free of additional fees. These qualities will enable buyers and sellers in these markets to guard against risk and save a little cash.
You can imagine the asset demand the use of cryptocurrency in the stock markets would create. The volume of speculation and hedging operations of traders will grow significantly. Combined with high-frequency robots and trading algorithms that help perform transactions faster and more accurately, the market volumes and the income of trading platforms is bound to skyrocket.
Market analysis
As per the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) over the counter derivatives were traded for a whopping $632.5 trillion in 2012. In the same year, traditional exchange markets garnered $52.5 trillion. When the two are compared, the former made 92% of the global derivative market while the latter only made 8%.
For comparison
According to WTO,
· Global commodity trade made: $18.255 trillion in 2011, $18.323 trillion in 2012,
· Service trade made: $4.2433 trillion in 2011 and $4.4232 trillion in 2012
These values are still way behind the derivative market trade volumes.
What are the challenges?
Delving into the asset markets with cryptocurrencies as a means of trade comes with a few challenges. For one, it is difficult for private persons with small investments to access these markets. And even if you were a big corporation, there is currently no opportunity to trade with exchange asset derivative instruments that are expressed in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.)
How Traditional Stock exchanges work
Trading is carried out with the use of fiat currencies and is performed through brokers. The brokers work for huge corporations hence the high expenses and large volumes of transactions. The volume of one trade at exchange markets with the real delivery of currency on the second working day could make up to about $5 million.
On the other hand, the cost of one conversion transaction makes from $60 to $300. On top of these costs, a trader could spend up to $6000 a month for interbank information and trading terminal. This is obviously not conducive for small-scale traders.
In order to curb the high costs of trade, two American stock exchanges, CBOE and CME introduced trade with futures for BTC at the end of 2017. The only problem is that they impose high requirements on the lot size. Another challenge is that futures at these stock exchanges are calculated and not delivered hence trade participants cannot actually buy BTC.
Curbstone brokers
Curbstone brokers or otherwise known as ‘bucket shops’ are forex brokers who offer clients small transactions without registering them with the interbank market. The brokers act as an opposite side in a transaction which means that the client's profit turns out to be the broker’s loss, and the client's loss - into broker's profit. This conflict of interest has resulted in brokers manipulating charts to make transactions of their clients unprofitable. Bucket shops do not publish reports on transactions, which makes activities of such brokers non-transparent.
Of late, many of them have begun offering trade with cryptocurrencies. It makes trading flexible but not ethical and trustworthy as it is with the traditional stock exchanges.
As a matter of fact, this lack of trust in curbstone brokership has led to their ban in some countries where they are considered fraudulent.
So what is the solution?
Cryptocurrencies have enabled ordinary people and investors to save and grow their money discreetly away from unfair control or seizure by state regulatory bodies. The use of cryptocurrency in the blockchain network is a powerful expression of freedom that should be spread across all trading platforms.
In this regard, we believe in the development of future exchange asset derivative instruments that make use of the available cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other high-liquid cryptocurrencies.
This will make bull or bear traditional assets widely accessible to professionals and beginning traders. More importantly, there will be lower transaction fees about 0.05% when compared to spot exchanges (Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken, and Poloniex) that charge in the range of 0.1 to 2%.
BlTEX.ONE is one such innovative trading platform that allows for international trading with assets expressed in cryptocurrencies with a transparent transaction system for the customers. It also has anti-fraud prevention measures to guard against chart manipulations.
The platform allows traders to increase their Bitcoins by speculating on the changes in the price of accessible traditional exchange assets such as the dollar, the euro, gold, oil, beans, cocoa or share indexes.
Our greatest mission is to bring the usage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies into the trading arena. We believe that the creation and functioning of the BITEX.ONE platform for trading with futures on traditional assets would achieve this.
The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in many developing countries will soon provide them with a legitimate status through effective legislation. When this plane takes off, we want to be ready with an elaborate platform for institutional investors to use cryptocurrencies as investment instruments. Working with futures on traditional assets will create an opportunity for investors to make substantial profit for their customers.
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Looking For Help!

Hello reddit forex community. I have been trading with for about 4 months now. I have been trading binary for about 2-3 months off and on (This was a year ago). Over this time period I have accumulated some questions that the Google could not answer (Due to all the advertisements and bucket shops, and me being lazy to dig further).
  1. How long did it take you guys to make a profit in trading? What was your experience and how did you do it? ( not asking for strategies, I am asking for steps, mentality, and what you did to get where you are.)
  2. Over that past few months, I feel like trading is alot of gambling; Is that because I am new at it? Do professional traders feel the same way?
  3. I am currently using but recently I have set a stop loss, and the market moved so quickly that I loss a good amount of money, which questions my future with this broker. What brokers/platform do you guys use? What platform or way of trading do the big guys (people moving a ton of money) use? Do they use the same platforms as us commoners?
  4. Last question I currently have, Would you say trading experience and learning how to trade plateau over time? If someone were to spend 5 years of screen time without help from others, would he be able to turn a profit (given that he had the money and sustainability to just sit in front of charts all day)?
This is my first post ever, I wanna thank everyone who has the time to answer in advance. Thank you.
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GFT is a global forex broker that recently took the decision to withdraw from the Japanese and U.S. retails forex market, and is now operating out of Singapore, London and Sydney. The one thing that you will notice when you go to the broker's website is that it is pretty scarce in terms of information – the home page won't tell you even basic things such as what's the maximum leverage offered. Forex markets trade trillions of dollars a day. Traders around the globe are always looking for the best broker to trade forex, CFDs, binary options, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc. With new forex brokers popping up constantly, determining the legitimacy of a broker can be a real challenge. Bucket Shop. Bucket shops are basically scam operations and once you know how they scam Forex traders; you will forever want to stay away from them regardless of how much bonus they are offering for you to sign-up with them. Basically, a bucket shop does not even have any liquidity provider in the backend. They never pass clients' orders to the ... Unfortunately, bucket shops are still out there so beware! Luckily for you, we at are more than willing to help you avoid entrusting your hard-earned cash to these nasty bucketeers. To help you separate the good brokers from the bad ones, make your way to the Forex Brokers Forum, where fellow forex traders kindly share their feedback and experiences about a vast collection of ... Forex trading tips and tricks from professional traders. Improve your trading results today. The FOREX Kings . Intro. Forex Strategies. Expert advisors. Forex Trading. FOREX brokers. FX blog. More. FOREX TRAding. 5 Most Profitable Candlestick Patterns In FOREX. Now, let’s learn about some more interesting patterns when it comes to candlesticks – and patterns that could help you learn more ... Today the Forex bucket shops are those Forex brokers that you are dealing with on the Internet from the comfort of your own home. They offer you a free trading platform, an account that you can start with as little as $250 and up to 400/1 leverage, and they wait for you to go broke. it doesn't take long, usually less than a month. That's OK, because it was only $250, and you get payed every ... Unfortunately, bucket shops are still out there so beware! Luckily for you, we at are more than willing to help you avoid entrusting your hard-earned cash to these nasty bucketeers. To help you separate the good brokers from the bad ones, make your way to the Forex Brokers Forum, where fellow forex traders kindly share their feedback and experiences about a vast collection of brokers. In a simple sentence, forex bucket shops are brokerage firms that have “questionable” trading practices such as unnecessary frequent delays in order execution, frequent price misquotes or re-quotes, and frequent price slippages that are only favorable to the broker. How Do These Bucket Shops work? The name bucket shop comes from brokers back in 60's who used to put their clients’ phone ... Economic Calendar Currency Converter Forex Charts Currency Strength Calculator Set CoT Report... view all tools. Log in Register. What's new Search. Search . Search titles only. By: Search Advanced search… What's new. New posts Latest activity. Companies Discussions. Beginners Bootcamp. Forex Peace Army FAQ. Search forums. Menu Log in Register Forums. Forex Scam Warnings and Traders Court. S Dishonest & a bucket shop? Broker Discussion

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